Internal Painting and Decorating

Get a Professional Painter

A bad paint job can look awful and it’s something people will notice for years to come.  It doesn’t get any better, you might just stop noticing it.  People who paint as a professional job take great pride in their work.  They may use certain brands of paint and work hard to get all the grooves painted, think of high ceilings and cornices.

Painting is an art, you might want to paint with a roller or a hand-held brush.  There are different brands of paint brush to use, some are great, some are awful and you will have fine hairs on your walls, ceiling or floors.  There are different types of paint: Matt, Emulsion, Vinyl, Suede, then you have Gloss and special paint for metals and wood.

Internal Painting and Decorating can take days as there is a process:

  • Undercoat
  • First Coat
  • Second Coat
  • Gloss

Most people who do the internal painting and decorating for themselves won’t think about doing undercoat, they just want the job done ASAP, however, a professional will take his or her time, prime the area and work to ensure the brush strokes are not highly visible and that you have a clean looking wall.

Sometimes an internal painter and decorator will need to fill holes, left by raw plugs.  They may need to patch up an area with filler if plasterboard has broken off.  This can add more cost onto the job itself, just depends if the job is accurately quoted.

It is always attractive to pick the cheapest quote, but that may be a big mistake.  If a person is good, they will charge accordingly.  You will see the difference and the lines will be sharp and clean.  Internal painting and decorating is specialist, they tend to work fast, can work in teams but they also spend time working for factors of properties or estate agents carrying all legal insurances and health and safety certificates.

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