Kitchens and Bathrooms

Finding the right trades person can seem daunting. There are some industry’s that it is essential to get the right trades person like kitchens and bathrooms getting fitted or serious plumbing or electrical work.


Kitchens and bathrooms – who to get?


There are lots of trades people claiming they can do kitchens and bathrooms including some kitchens and bathrooms companies who kitchen fitters or bathroom fitters and not proper trades people or they get the joiner to do all the work.

kitchens and bathrooms

The only advice we will give is this when looking at kitchens or bathrooms – ask if the joiner fits the kitchen, the plumber does all the plumbing and the electrician all the electrical work and any other work that is involved like tiling or flooring make sure it is the correct trades person carrying out the work.

Rogue Tradesmen

Rogue tradesmen has always been an issues within the building trade. So much so that there are even very popular tv programmes which cover this subject.


Rogue Tradesmen – what are my rights?


There are many websites now that try and sell on the back of rogue tradesmen trusted traders and These websites are a good way in tackling rogue tradesmen however there are still so many people who fall for rogue tradesmen. If you are unlucky enough to have been a victim of rogue tradesmen you can seek advice from family solicitors firms, we have looked at a few;


If you are in Scotland try FAMILY LAW SOLICITORS GLASGOW


Rogue tradesmen – keep a record of payments


If you are paying for any building work one of the most important things is to keep a record of payments. Try not to pay in cash as the only record you will have is taking your money out of your bank account. Try and pay electronically from your bank savings or SIPP Pension – this way you will have a full, transparent record of all payments.