External Painting and Decorating

Need Your House Painted?

Some houses need painting after a period of time, this is when you need external painting and decorating.  If your house is a holiday home and Timber, you should get it painted every 4 years.  If not you may just need to get it painted or roughcasting done as the paintwork is really grubby especially under the windows.  A lot of dirt and dirty rain can mark the paintwork, from the outside it makes the house look like it’s not being taken care of.

To get a quote for external painting and decorating we refer you to the front page of this blog site.  Any professional person will tell you what brand they use and it must be specifically for the outside of the house.  The weather needs to be dry for them to paint and you are hoping it will stay dry for at least 48hrs after the paint is on.  The cost for external painting and decorating will totally depend on the job itself, you might just want the windows painted, or the whole house, or even the gutters and pipes.

Cost of a Decorator

Most decorators will charge either by the hour or day for external painting and decorating.  Do your research and pick someone that has been used locally and someone who is reliable, the last thing you want is to pick someone, give them a deposit to get the paint and then they don’t show up to do the job.

If you find a good external painting and decorating firm chances are you will recommend them to family and friends.  If you do this, you never know, you may get a small discount on your next job.  Everyone would prefer to get a recommendation as they are vouching for the decorator based on the work done in their own house.