Wallpaper Hanging

Skilled Wallpaper Hanging

There is a skill required to hanging wallpaper especially if there is a pattern that you need to line up.  Most rolls of wallpaper will give you 2 or 3 strips so that can mean there is a lot of waste, you need to bear this in mind if you are going for an expensive paper.  You can tell a lot from the wallpaper re the thickness.

Things to consider when Wallpaper Hanging:

  • Is the paper good quality?
  • Is the pattern going to be very difficult to line up?
  • Is the paper well matched with the room – will it open the room up or pull it in?
  • How wide is the paper, can you hang it yourself?
  • Check and double check the batch numbers are exactly the same

Wallpaper hanging is a lot more time consuming than just painting, but the results can completely transform a room.  Decorating a room is something you might do every 3 or 4 years, so you want to make sure the style of wallpaper isn’t too dominating that you regret your choice.

Finding a decorator for wallpaper hanging is easy, everyone will say they can do it.  Even your partner!  Ask to see a portfolio of houses / flats the decorator has done.  Most will at least have a Facebook page, if not a website.  Their work should be there as many will check them out before picking up the phone and asking for a quote.

Regardless of the waste with wallpaper hanging, you will be able to use it for other things around the house i.e. inside drawers and cupboards as lining paper.  It may be lining paper for large vintage trunks to help protect the contents, there are lots of uses.

To find a good decorator for wallpaper hanging, research on Google and especially Facebook.  Don’t be embarrassed about asking for references.